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The latest Tender documents issued by various Government Departments, Directorates, Organisations, Institutions and local bodies of IndianOil e-Tendering Portal are listed here.
S.No e-Published Date Bid Submission Closing Date Tender Opening Date Title and Ref.No./Tender ID Organisation Chain Corrigendum
1. 18-Jul-2019 09:00 AM 25-Jul-2019 09:00 AM 26-Jul-2019 09:00 AM [Supply of conveyor materials and installation of conveyors for separate VL rejection loops at Mysuru LPG BP] [KASO/LPG/VCM/E-LT/04/2019-20][2019_KASO_101275_1] IndianOil||Marketing||Karnataka State Office||Devanagonthi BP  
2. 17-Jul-2019 03:00 PM 25-Jul-2019 03:00 PM 26-Jul-2019 03:00 PM [PSO/ENG/LT-15/2019-20] [PSO/ENG/LT-15/2019-20][2019_PSO_101248_1] IndianOil||Marketing||Punjab State Office||Engineering  
3. 16-Jul-2019 11:00 AM 24-Jul-2019 11:00 AM 25-Jul-2019 11:00 AM [Limited Tender for Filling of Coolants and Brake Fluid, in Small Packs at LBP Taloja premises, on Contract Basis] [TSLC/SMALL-CAN/2019-20/LT-01][2019_WRO_101147_1] IndianOil||Marketing||Western Region Office||Lube Bottling Plant Taloja  
4. 15-Jul-2019 06:00 PM 23-Jul-2019 06:00 PM 24-Jul-2019 06:00 PM [Modernization of A Site RO with Paver Driveway, GSB, WMM, PCC, Culvert with Drainage System and allied Works at M/s. New Naini Service Station, Jari Bazar, District-Allahabad State Uttar Pradesh under Allahabad Divisional Office UPSO1] [RCC/NR/UPSO-I/ENG/LT-61/19-20][2019_NRO_101125_1] IndianOil||Marketing||Northern Region Office||Contract Cell  
5. 15-Jul-2019 01:00 PM 29-Jul-2019 01:00 PM 30-Jul-2019 01:00 PM [Providing Diesel Driven Vehicle Tata Sumo Gold EX BS IV or any] [GSPL/GHY/TS/2019-20/06][2019_GSGWH_101069_1] IndianOil||Pipelines||GSPL Guwahati||Technical Services  
6. 13-Jul-2019 12:00 PM 26-Jul-2019 03:00 PM 29-Jul-2019 03:15 PM [Hiring of LMVs on day to day basis at Mathura Refinery.] [MRCC19E048][2019_MR_101053_1] IndianOil||Refineries||Mathura Refinery||Contracts  
7. 12-Jul-2019 05:15 PM 23-Jul-2019 02:30 PM 25-Jul-2019 03:00 PM [Overhauling and servicing of L and T make Air Circuit Breakers at different substation of PRPC Panipat during Units Shutdown Maintenance opportunity] [RPRC193100][2019_PR_101035_1] IndianOil||Refineries||Panipat Refinery||Contracts  
8. 12-Jul-2019 05:00 PM 25-Jul-2019 05:00 PM 26-Jul-2019 05:00 PM [Development of new A site KSK at location Village Mianpur Raipur Patti Gandhon Distt Roopnagar State Punjab under Chandigarh Divisional Office of PSO] [RCC/NR/PSO/ENG/LT-57/19-20][2019_NRO_100748_1] IndianOil||Marketing||Northern Region Office||Contract Cell  
9. 12-Jul-2019 04:00 PM 19-Jul-2019 01:00 PM 20-Jul-2019 01:00 PM [Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for the Equipment namely Air Dryer and Compressor installed at PADC Panipat ] [PADC/RDD/ST/19-20/02][2019_BD_101012_1] IndianOil||Business Development||Petrochemicals  
10. 12-Jul-2019 03:00 PM 26-Jul-2019 03:00 PM 29-Jul-2019 03:00 PM [RMRM194024-Supply of pipes] [RMRM194034][2019_MR_100867_1] IndianOil||Refineries||Mathura Refinery||Materials  
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