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1 Notice to Bidders for e-Bid Submission Notice_To_Bidders.pdf 337.37
2 Registration of Bidders Registration_Of_Bidders.pdf 1833.92
3 Bidders Manual for Tender Cum Auction Instructions_to_Bidders_for_Tender_Cum_Auction_18_06_2021.pdf 532.32
4 Uploading of My Documents my_documents.pdf 1185.05
5 Online e-Bid Submission Online_e-Bid_Submission.pdf 2233.99
6 Online Bid Withdrawal Online_Bid_Withdrawal.pdf 1156.78
7 Online Bid Re-submission Online_Bid_Re-Submission.pdf 1457.95
8 Online Bid Submission of Reverse Auction Submission_for_Reverse_Auction.pdf 1227.17
9 Clarifications (Tender Status, My Archive...) Clarifications.pdf 1125.47
10 Trouble Shooting Toubleshooting.pdf 2553.47
11 BoQ Preparation Guidelines How_To_Submit_Bid_In_ItemrateBOQ.pdf 727.65
How_To_Submit_Bid_In_Item_WiseBOQ.pdf 534.23
How_To_Submit_Bid_In_PercentageBOQ.pdf 688.39
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