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Tender ID
Tender Title
The latest Tender documents issued by various Government Departments, Directorates, Organisations, Institutions and local bodies of IndianOil e-Tendering Portal are listed here.
S.No e-Published Date Bid Submission Closing Date Tender Opening Date Title and Ref.No./Tender ID Organisation Chain Corrigendum
1. 17-Aug-2018 11:00 AM 25-Aug-2018 11:00 AM 27-Aug-2018 11:00 AM [Modernization of SCS Sales Corporation] [KASO/ENG/LT-13/18-19][2018_KASO_81272_1] IndianOil||Marketing||Karnataka State Office||Engineering  
2. 14-Aug-2018 05:45 PM 10-Sep-2018 03:00 PM 11-Sep-2018 03:00 PM [IOAOD IB Packed Bitumen Handling Contract At IOCL Bitumen Yard, Noonmati, Guwahati] [RCC/ERO/37/2018-19/PT-104][2018_ERO_81173_1] IndianOil||Marketing||Eastern Region Office||Contract Cell  
3. 14-Aug-2018 03:00 PM 28-Aug-2018 03:00 PM 29-Aug-2018 03:00 PM [Supply of 8010.00 Kls - Group III, 4 cSt BASE Oil st 80040 at IOCL Lube Blending Plants ] [HCC/LUBES-26/PT-82/2018-19][2018_MKTHO_80698_1] IndianOil||Marketing||Marketing HO||Contract Cell  
4. 14-Aug-2018 01:00 PM 06-Sep-2018 02:00 PM 07-Sep-2018 03:00 PM [RATE CONTRACT FOR FOAM SEAL REPAIRING/ REPLACEMENT RELATED JOBS IN STORAGE TANKS] [BN18AG136][2018_BGR_81154_1] IndianOil||Refineries||Bongaigaon Refinery||Contract  
5. 13-Aug-2018 06:00 PM 27-Aug-2018 03:00 PM 28-Aug-2018 04:00 PM [SUPPLY OF RUSTOLENE AND MOLYKOTE-1000] [185018][2018_GR_81129_1] IndianOil||Refineries||Guwahati Refinery||Materials  
6. 13-Aug-2018 03:10 PM 27-Aug-2018 03:10 PM 28-Aug-2018 03:10 PM [PHBTS18022/ Calibration of 2 Nos. Inline Ultrasonic Flow Meters (IUFM) at PHBPL Haldia and Barauni] [PHBTS18022][2018_PHBHL_80211_1] IndianOil||Pipelines||PHBPL Haldia||Technical Services  
7. 11-Aug-2018 09:00 AM 31-Aug-2018 03:00 PM 03-Sep-2018 03:15 PM [Support assistance for Mechanical jobs AND TPM sustenance jobs in various units at Mathura Refinery] [MRCC18T032/115][2018_MR_81000_1] IndianOil||Refineries||Mathura Refinery||Contracts  
8. 10-Aug-2018 06:30 PM 18-Aug-2018 06:00 PM 20-Aug-2018 11:00 AM [Vehicles on hire basis] [SDO/2018-19/LT/04 dated 10.08.2018][2018_GSO_81022_1] IndianOil||Marketing||Gujarat State Office||Surat DO  
9. 10-Aug-2018 04:45 PM 30-Aug-2018 11:00 AM 31-Aug-2018 11:00 AM [PNCV/ EM-238/E/207] [PNCV/ EM-238/E/207][2018_REFHQ_80979_1] IndianOil||Refineries||Refineries HQ||Project - PMC||Panipat-CMU||Project Group  
10. 10-Aug-2018 03:00 PM 24-Aug-2018 03:00 PM 28-Aug-2018 03:00 PM [SUPPLY OF STUDS AT BARAUNI REFINERY - RESERVED FOR MSE BIDDERS (MANUFACTURERS) ONLY] [RBRM18V041][2018_BR_80965_2] IndianOil||Refineries||Barauni Refinery||Materials  
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