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The eProcurement System of IndianOil e-Tendering Portal enables the Tenderers to download the Tender Schedule free of cost and then submit the bids online through this portal.
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Latest Tenders  
Tender Title Reference No Closing Date Bid Opening Date
1. Hydraulic calculation and preparation of design details of Hydrant System, Deluge Valves and Medium Velocity Water Sprinkler System (MVWSS) at all sheds of Indane Bottling Plant, Trichy TCYBP/FF/HYD/LT/21-22/2 06-Oct-2021 03:00 PM 07-Oct-2021 03:00 PM
2. Replacing or repairing of false flooring or Ceiling with allied works inside Control rooms and Sub-stations at Digboi Refinery DRE021D094 09-Oct-2021 06:00 PM 12-Oct-2021 03:00 PM
3. Supply and Installation of Safety railings around water body at PADC Paradip BD/PC/PADC_PARADIP/2021-22/41 12-Oct-2021 12:00 PM 13-Oct-2021 12:00 PM
5. Miscellaneous Civil and Structural Works for NCU Expansion Project at Panipat Refinery and Petrochemical Complex Panipat, Haryana. RPRC212276 02-Oct-2021 02:30 PM 04-Oct-2021 03:00 PM
6. Laying, dismantling, repairing, replacement, re-routing, cleaning of pipelines of 75 mm dia upto 200 mm dia. Inside Refinery, Refinery Township, Offices, Oil Field and Digboi Town Area etc. Digboi Refinery, Digboi. DRE221D110 09-Oct-2021 06:00 PM 12-Oct-2021 03:00 PM
7. SUPPLY OF API 610 CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS (OH2 and BB2) TP/077154C001/06/0910-001/062 18-Oct-2021 03:00 PM 19-Oct-2021 03:00 PM
8. On-site capital maintenance of HT and LT motors at IOCL, Paradip Refinery, Paradip, Odisha PDE1S21184 09-Oct-2021 05:00 PM 11-Oct-2021 03:00 PM
9. Supply, Installation and Commissioning of 2 Nos Fire Safe Remote Operated Valves in LPG Line at LPG Bottling Plant, Durgapur, West Bengal DGP/BP/CAP/PNGRB/ROV/LT/21-22 04-Oct-2021 10:00 AM 05-Oct-2021 10:00 AM
10. Supply of Drive Sections and related Conveyor items 2020_KESO_126454_1 02-Oct-2021 05:00 PM 04-Oct-2021 05:00 PM
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Latest Corrigendums
Corrigendum Title Reference No Closing Date Bid Opening Date
1. Corrigendum HCC/LPG-16/PT-114/2021-22 11-Oct-2021 03:00 PM 12-Oct-2021 03:00 PM
2. date corrigendem 2 PCM/PT/PARADIP/MLT/21-22/11 28-Sep-2021 01:00 PM 29-Sep-2021 01:00 PM
3. Due date CRYO_LT_IC2122086 28-Sep-2021 05:00 PM 29-Sep-2021 05:00 PM
4. Due Date Extension_1 RBRM21X078 30-Sep-2021 05:00 PM 01-Oct-2021 11:00 AM
5. DATE EXTENSION-3 JC21EST237 01-Oct-2021 03:00 PM 04-Oct-2021 03:00 PM
6. DUE DATE EXTENSION II HMLKK21198 01-Oct-2021 03:00 PM 02-Oct-2021 03:30 PM
7. Date Extension-1 MRCC21T036 07-Oct-2021 03:00 PM 08-Oct-2021 03:15 PM
8. SOR MRCC21T036 07-Oct-2021 03:00 PM 08-Oct-2021 03:15 PM
9. Corrigendum-1 PWVDT21046 04-Oct-2021 05:15 PM 05-Oct-2021 05:30 PM
10. Corrigendum 01 PLCGD/MATERIALS/21/02R 30-Sep-2021 02:00 PM 01-Oct-2021 03:00 PM
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